Back in Stock: Bottle Cages, Seatposts, Fenders

Back in Stock: Bottle Cages, Seatposts, Fenders

This is just a quick note that a few popular items are back in stock. Among them are all Rene Herse fenders in polished and black finish.

Nitto’s bottle cages are light, strong and hold your bottle securely. (They’re also beautiful.) We carry three models. The superlight ’80’ (above) is made from stainless steel tubes and rivals the weight of carbon cages. The ‘R’ has the same shape, but is made from steel wire.

The ‘T’ is ideal for mounting underneath the down tube, where the weight of the bottle tends to open other cages. How do I know? There’s a Rene Herse waterbottle lying somewhere on the descent from Babyshoe Pass. I wasn’t using Nitto cages on that bike, and I never noticed it flying out…

The Nitto NP stems used to be called ‘Pearl’ for their polished finish. They’re not just beautiful, but also strong, since they’re forged. And they make it easy to attach our Rene Herse decaleurs if you’re running a handlebar bag.

If you are running a threadless steel stem, you’ll find that aluminum headset spacers have thicker walls than your stem, which creates a bulky step between spacers and stem. These steel spacers are thinner to match the diameter of steel stems.

Nitto’s seatposts are the best you’ll find anywhere. They’re forged, too, making them strong and light. And unlike the fiddly adjustments of many posts, these make it easy to insert the saddle, and once tightened, it stays put. (Before I started using Nitto seatposts, I finished more than one race with my saddle pointing skyward when other seatposts started slipping…)

Ostrich’s disc rotor cover is great for traveling with your bike. It keeps the rotors clean and protects your bike and other luggage from getting damaged by the sharp edges.

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