Back in Stock: SON and Berthoud

Back in Stock: SON and Berthoud

We just got a big shipment from Europe with SON hubs and lights, as well as Berthoud saddles, bags and other parts. No doubt you’ve read in the news how supply chains are stretched to the breaking point… So when a shipment arrives at our warehouse in Seattle, all of us at Rene Herse Cycles celebrate a little!

This shipment includes all SON generator hubs and most Edelux II headlights. There’s simply no other system that provides as good and reliable illumination for spirited night-time rides. That’s why endurance racers like Ted King and Lael Wilcox run SON hubs and Edelux II headlights for their big races…

Headlights are going to be in short supply for a while – they use microchips that are difficult to get these days.

The shipment from Berthoud includes their superb leather saddles, including the Galibier that I use on my Oregon Outback Rene Herse.

Just in time for the rainy season (at least here in Seattle), we got more saddle covers. If you ride without fenders, the full cover (above) protects your saddle – top and bottom – even in the worst downpours, and yet it’s thin enough that you won’t notice it while riding. If you run fenders, there’s a smaller version of the cover that protects the saddle top.

We’ve also got all models of the neat little rearview mirrors back in stock…

… as well as the beautiful – and highly functional – leather-and-canvas bags. The bags in the photo are more than 10 years old, yet they still work well and retain their water resistance. (The cotton fabric swells when it gets wet, so there is no coating that wears off over time.)

We also have all spare parts for Berthoud saddles. Not just leather tops, but every other part as well. Berthoud saddles are fully rebuildable – all you need is a T20 Torx and a 5 mm Allen – and in theory you could even build a new saddle out of spare parts. More likely, you can replace the leather top if it ever wears out (and even change the color at the same time) or swap from steel to titanium rails…

These are the good news. We’re also happy that most of our tires remain in stock, especially the most popular sizes. We also have all Rene Herse fenders available, including the many small parts that allow customizing your fender installation for your bike. Our handlebars, with their generous curves for all-day comfort, are in stock in all sizes, too.

Some other products are delayed, either because of raw material shortages or because shipping is taking much longer than usual. Here are some ETAs for parts that many customers are waiting for:

• Cranks: early December
• Racks: mid-December
• Taillights, centerpull braze-ons: early December
• Pacenti Brevet rims: late December/January
• 700×42 Hurricane Ridge Endurance, 700×38 Steilacoom Endurance, 650Bx55 Umtanum Ridge tires: December

Please note that the above arrival dates are our best guesses. There are many factors that are out of our control, especially when it comes to shipping schedules. Please sign up for notifications for out-of-stock items on the web page for that product. Then you’ll be the first to know when a new shipment arrives. Until then, we appreciate your patience.

Further reading:
• Illustrated step-by-step instructions for rebuilding a Berthoud saddle were published in Bicycle Quarterly 72.
• How the layered beam of the SON Edelux II makes it easier to see in the dark.

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