Berthoud Mirrors Back in Stock

Berthoud Mirrors Back in Stock

The popularity of Gilles Berthoud’s new mirrors surprised us. We expected them to be popular, but we didn’t expect to sell out within days.

It’s easy to understand why customers like them, though: They are beautifully made from the best materials, and they work well with all road handlebars. They are available as simple aluminum mirrors (top), or with a leather insert that matches Berthoud’s saddles and handlebar tape (above).
Everybody at Gilles Berthoud has been working hard to keep up with demand, but since these are largely handmade, they’ll remain in short supply for a while. We just received another shipment, and all models are back in stock for now.
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  • RickH

    You have proved technology has always existed. It just looks a little different.
    As for mirrors. I feel awkward not having one on my bike. Currently using B&M in the bar but Berthoud’s look elegant.

    December 6, 2018 at 1:00 pm

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