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Berthoud R-Clamps


Plastic R-Clamps from Gilles Berthoud are useful if you want a quick release on your fender stays: The plastic clamp will release the fender stay if the fender crumbles. This is useful if your fenders are mounted with less-than-optimal clearances. (If you have the recommended 20+ mm clearance between tire and fender, there is little risk of a fender collapsing and jamming into the fork crown.)

Why not use the plastic R-Clamps on all bikes? When you ride on rough roads, the stays can work loose over time. Check them periodically to make sure.

Made in France.

En stock

  • Fit 5 mm stays (Berthoud and Honjo)
  • Set of 4.
  • Weight: 19 g (includes bolts and washers)