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Bicycle Quarterly Extralight Wool Short Sleeve Jersey


We’ve been wearing Woolistic’s merino wool jerseys for fourteen years now, since we first ordered these for the Seattle Randonneurs. We appreciate the scratch-free comfort and the wide range of temperatures in which these wool jerseys are comfortable. During long rides, we are glad these jerseys don’t smell like synthetic clothing… They’ve been remarkably durable: I am still wearing the very first jersey I ordered in 2000. Woolistic’s Superlight wool jersey uses a very fine yarn offering up to 35 grams less weight than their normal wool bicycle jerseys. A wool cycling jersey that is perfect for summer heat! Made in Italy.


The bright blue color is visible but not garish when we are out on our bikes. The single color with simple white lettering doesn’t clash with most bicycle colors. The key to making these last forever is not to overload the pockets. Keep your heavy items in your handlebar or seat bag, and use the pockets only for small items. Sized like racing jerseys (slim fit). Machine wash on delicate cycle, line dry.

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