Gift Ideas from Compass Bicycles

Gift Ideas from Compass Bicycles

It’s that time of year, with the holidays fast approaching, when many relatives and friends wonder what to give to their favorite cyclist. Here are some great gift ideas you can use, or forward them to anybody who asks: “What would you like?”

For The Allroad Cyclist
The Allroad Cyclist is an inveterate randonneur, a gravel-seeker, an adventurer. They are the rider in your life who collects unknown roads and always goes the distance. For this person, nothing beats the highest quality gear, no doubt destined to be put to the test in all conditions.
ClotWlLsLxBicycle Quarterly wool jerseys are distinctive and comfortable. The long sleeve version will keep your cyclist cozy in the winter and the extralight short sleeve version is perfect for hot summer days.
Tire650x48CmSX_1504-300x300Wide and supple Compass tires to take on all conditions for bikes with 26″, 650B, or 700C wheels. The Allroad Cyclist will appreciate the speed and comfort on pavement, dirt, and gravel roads.

For The Traveler
The Traveler is always on the go, seeking adventure in new places, and riding the world over. For this person, packing and unpacking a bike for travel is a recurring chore, one which could be much more fun with the right tools.
Ostrich frame pads were designed for Rinko, but work well with a wide variety of packing systems. Whether your cyclist uses a coupled bike, rinko, or a large bike bag, these are the prefect pads to protect their bike's finish.
Ostrich frame pads were designed for Rinko, but they work well for all packing system. They’re thin enough to carry on the bike once you reach your destination.

BQ54_cover_sqBicycle Quarterly — our ride stories inspire you to seek out new destinations and our technical articles show how to make a bike that’s easy to pack for travel.


PedlMkUSBRi_1598-300x300MKS Rinko Pedals use a special quick release system, so you can quickly remove the pedal without tools. They also feature the best bearings of all pedals today. Also available in non-Rinko versions.


For The Reading Cyclist
Be inspired by the passion of those who came before us!
BookBQRHEnCoverRead about the passion of great rides, wonderful friendships, and beautiful bikes. René Herse, “the magician of Levallois”, made more than just incredible bikes, he was at the center of a world where cycling was not a mere pastime but a way of life. Hundreds of action photos from the René Herse archives bring this incredible story to life.

BookBQGAEn1-300x300The book that inspired the current trend towards real-world bicycles: admire 50 bicycles that are works of art, but also designed to be ridden hard. Learn the stories of their builders and riders and be inspired by the passion that created them.



Paul Fournel does not talk about bikes, he talks about why we ride bikes. He describes the sights, sounds and smells he encounters while riding, and the secrets of cycling: “To descend well, you’ve got to have an excellent knowledge of the road – a kind of complicity with the engineers who built it, an instinctive and rapid grasp of the terrain. Every road is a design, and every descent is a design within a design.”

For The Touring Cyclist

For this cyclist, the journey is as important as the destination. And the destination is often far.
HBarCpRand_1496-300x300Compass Randonneur handlebars provide unmatched comfort  with curves that support multiple hand positions. These are our favorites for long-distance riding.
bags_gb25_blue_front-300x300Berthoud handlebar bags are a beautiful, classic way to carry your gear. Easily accessible while riding. Waterproof. Develop wonderful patina over decades of use. Make sure your cyclist’s bike is equipped to carry a handlebar bag.
Compass-Bicycles_2036-copy1-210x210Compass Knickers ensure that you’re well-dressed both on and off the bike. On the bike they disappear, off the bike you’ll be one of the more stylish people at any restaurant, pub, or evening stroll.

For The Spirited Cyclist
Spirited Cyclists enjoy le goût de l’effort – a taste for effort – and like to push their limits. Fast tires, smooth pedals, cranks with perfect gearing all make sure that their bikes are spinning along as smoothly as possible.
PedlMkRX1_1584-300x300MKS RX-1 pedals have the best bearings of all pedals ever made. Hand-adjusted to NJS-approved precision, these beautiful pedals will keep spinning year after year.
René Herse cranks are not only beautiful, they’re highly functional. Your cyclist can customize their gearing with any combination of chainrings. Available in single, double, and triple configurations as well as double and triple for tandems.

Tire700x28CmBSX_1797-210x210Compass Extralight tires make your bike hum over every road surface. Superior speed and unmatched comfort make every ride an event. Available in many sizes, including 700C x 26 mm, 700C x 28 mm, and 700C x 32 mm.

For Every Cyclist
There are some gifts that every cyclist can appreciate. Choose a book full of inspiring stories, open their mind to new ideas and adventures with a subscription to Bicycle Quarterly, or let them choose the perfect thing for themselves.
cage_nitto_r80-300x300Nitto Bottle Cages are functional works of art. They hold your bottle securely, look beautiful, and last a long time.  For a complete gift, combine with a Compass water bottle.
BQ_sub_giftBicycle Quarterly is an inspirational magazine with ride stories, technical articles, and product tests. Gravel riding, randonneuring, light-weight touring — the topics we discuss have shaped the direction of cycling culture.
For the hard-to-please cyclist, a Compass gift certificate allows them to choose from our great program of components, books, and clothing.

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  • Kirt

    Any plans to sell just the spindle portion of the Rinko pedal system? It would be great to have 3-4 pair on my bikes and move a single set of pedals to the bike de jour. Hope you continue to heal from your crash.

    November 24, 2015 at 10:41 am
  • Greg

    I’m going to sound perhaps repetitive here, but I highly recommend reading the Rene Herse book. A huge undertaking, thoroughly researched, and the result is a great book that is just packed with interesting information. When I first received my copy, I browsed it a bit (for perhaps a half-hour or longer…). Then, a week or so later, I spent most of a weekend reading it in its entirety. So much history therein; I just kept going. The photos. are also so copious and detailed that I still go back and study them sometimes, months and months later. The book is still on our “coffee table” in a prominent position! OK, gushing font off, now…..

    November 24, 2015 at 12:54 pm
  • Bengt Sandborgh

    No calendar for 2016?

    November 25, 2015 at 10:58 am
  • David Nickson

    A belated message for a swift recovery.

    November 27, 2015 at 10:23 pm

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