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  • Past Year of Bicycle Quarterly (4 Issues)


    Catch up on the great adventures, the technical articles and the historical features that make Bicycle Quarterly special!

    This special 4-pack of magazines covers the past year of Bicycle Quarterly, not including the current issue.

    (Covers shown may be different from the actual magazines included.)

  • 15th Anniversary Editions of Bicycle Quarterly (4 Magazines)


    To celebrate Bicycle Quarterly’s 15th anniversary, we increased the size of the magazine and put together a number of truly outstanding editions. We now offer them in a special 4-pack.

  • The 50 First Bicycle Quarterlies


    Complete your collection of Bicycle Quarterly back issues with this set: 2,886 pages of reading enjoyment from the very first issue (Summer 2002) through BQ 54 (Winter 2015). Excludes out of print issues BQ 9 (Autumn 2004), BQ 12 (Summer 2005), BQ 13 (Autumn 2005) and BQ 18 (Winter 2006).

  • カート


    We’ve assembled these 4-packs of Bicycle Quarterly back editions, so you can read up on a particular topic. Of course, each Bicycle Quarterly includes many other interesting articles as well to give you many hours of reading enjoyment.

    You can also select any 4 magazines to create your own 4-pack.

  • 最新号BQ 70 (Winter 2019)


    No. 70
    Winter 2019

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  • BQ 68 (Summer 2019)


    No. 68
    Summer 2019

    Bikepacking in Eritrea
    Calfee Bamboo Bike
    Rotor Hydraulic Shifting
    Frances 26″ All-Road Bike
    Brian Chapman
    80 Years of Cycles Alex Singer
    How to Adjust Cantilever Brakes
    Balancing Your Load
    Toe Overlap – When it’s OK and when it’s not

  • BQ 67 (Spring 2019)


    No. 67
    Spring 2019

  • BQ 66 (Winter 2018)


    No. 66
    Winter 2018

  • BQ 65 (Autumn 2018)


    No. 65
    Autumn 2018

    Traversing the Sawtooth Range
    Solistice Gravel Ride Around Mt. Hood
    Across the Mediterranean Border on a Tandem
    Fun at the 2018 BQ Un-Meeting
    Masi Speciale Randonneur
    Frances Farfarer Trailer
    Alter Cycles Reflex 300 with Engineered Flex
    1980s René Herse with Campagnolo Super Record
    French Collectors
    New Standards and Traditional Materials
    Anatomy of a Rinko Bike
    Skill: Ghost Riding

  • BQ 63 (Spring 2018)


    No. 63
    Spring 2018

    Lyli Herse 1928 – 2018
    Torino – Nice Gravel Rally
    My First Mountain Bike Ride
    Factory Visit: Davidson & Kullaway
    Jo Routens
    The Evolution of ‘Allroad’ Bikes
    Berthoud Bar-End Mirror
    Crankbrothers Eggbeater 11 Pedals
    Mount a Tire Tubeless
    Bike Test: Caletti Monstercross
    First Ride: MASI Speciale Randonneur
    Skill: Look Where You Go
    Icon: Wonder Light

  • BQ 62 (Winter 2017)


    No. 62
    Winter 2017

    To the Alps on a 1947 Tandem
    Tandem Design à la René Herse
    Backroads of the Balkans
    BQ Un-Meeting and Volcano High Pass Challenge
    Across Japan’s Southern Alps in a Day
    A Visit to Shimano
    1984 Shimano Dura-Ace
    Two Years on The Furefly
    Wheel Size, Tire Width and Handling
    Skill: Jumping a Curb
    First Ride: Rawland Ulv
    Bike Test: 333fab AirLandSea

  • BQ 61 (Autumn 2017)


    No. 61
    Autumn 2017

    The Perfect Mountain Pass
    Visit to Paul Component Engineering
    Concours de Machines 2017
    Peter Weigle: The Long Road to the Concours de Machines
    Technical Trials from 1901 until Today
    Pitard from the 1949 Concours de Machines
    Alps – Pioneer of Rinko
    Skill: Climb out of the saddle
    First Ride: Steve Rex Monstercross
    Bike Test: Chapman Light Tourer Di2

  • BQ 60 (Summer 2017)


    No. 60
    Summer 2017

    Peter Weigle Goes to Japan
    Cyclotourists Meet the Tour de France
    Dalsland Runt: Gravel Riding in Sweden
    A Visit to Gilles Berthoud
    Skill: Catching a Slide
    First Ride: J. P. Weigle Randonneur
    Bike Test: Boo SL-G
    Test Update: Specialized Diverge After 2 Years

  • BQ 59 (Spring 2017)


    No. 59
    Spring 2017

    Around Mt. Baker in One Day
    Restoring a 1946 René Herse
    Easter Ride in the Mexican Cordillera
    A Visit to Schmidt Maschinenbau
    Bike Test: Open U.P.
    First Rides: Rossman 650B Randonneur and Specialized Sequoia
    Project: A Detachable Lower Front Fender
    Daniel Provot, 1934-2017

  • BQ 58 (Winter 2016)


    No. 58
    Winter 2016

    Otaki 100 km Mountain Bike Race
    Moots Routt to Bon Jon Pass and back
    Riding the Mule to the 2016 BQ Un-Meeting
    Are Wider Tires Slower on Smooth Roads?
    Performance is Important for Slow Riders, too!
    Visiting the Panaracer Factory
    The Love of Cycling (France 1950s)
    Peninsula Cyclotouring


  • BQ 57 (Autumn 2016)


    No. 57
    Autumn 2016

    Autumn Cyclotouring in Japan
    Rebirth of the French Technical Trials
    1951 René Herse Randonneuse
    John Fletcher and His 1937 Urago
    A Mid-Winter Odyssey from San Diego to Florida
    Bike Test: Litespeed T5g Gravel Bike
    The Speed of Enduro Allroad Bikes
    Cornering with Confidence


  • BQ 56 (Summer 2016)


    No. 56 Summer 2016 High Road to Mexico City: Paso de Cortés Morning Ride Across Mexico City Suntour Tokyo College of Cycle Design Two Cyclotouring Trips to Hokkaido 1928 R.P.F. Tourisme Luxe Bike Test: Firefly Enduro Allroad Hahn’s Ex-Bontrager: Converting a Mountain Bike into an Enduro Allroad Machine Chainline

  • BQ 55 (Spring 2016)


    No. 55 Exploration and Discovery Eroica California Four Days of Cascade Cyclotouring Cyclotouring Is About Discovery The Tour Cyclotouriste du Mont Blanc 1957 Return to the Roads of my Youth Visiting Three of Japan’s Amazing Collections Haiku Poets Flèche Bike Test: MAP Urban Randonneur First Ride: Giant TCR Advance Test Update: Specialized Diverge Carbon Di2 Rim Widths for Wide Tires

  • BQ 54 (Winter 2015)


    No. 54 Riding with Friends Fatbiking to the Magic Bus The Race to the Butter (Procuring food in occupied France) Paris-Brest-Loudéac…and Loudéac-Paris Jean Hoffmann: Randonneur to Racer and Back The 2015 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting The Old Road to Houshi Onsen (cyclotouring during a typhoon) First Ride: Islabikes Beinn 26 Bike Test: Elephant National Forest Explorer How to Make a Rinko Bike Low-Rider Rack Design Metal Fender Installation Tips

  • BQ 53 (Autumn 2015)


    No. 53 The New and the Classic

    • Specialized Diverge Carbon Di2 Test: Performance, Gravel, Commuting, Loaded Touring
    • Japanese Builder C. S. Hirose
    • Hirose Mini-Velo
    • Small Rider, Small Hirose Bike
    • Jobst Brandt, 1935-2015
    • French Cyclotouring: Provot Photo Albums
    • New-Old-Stock ALAN Cyclocross bike
    • Disk Brakes: A Mature Technology?
    • Specialized Flux Lights
    • Rivet Saddle