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Rene Herse CP-1 Front Rack for Centerpull Brakes


Equip your new custom bike with the lightest and most beautiful rack available anywhere. The Rene Herse CP-1 rack is fillet-brazed from thinwall Cromoly steel tubing, with a chrome-plated finish for durability. The elegant tabs for mounting the rack are brazed into the ends of the rack support tubes, like dropouts on a classic bicycle frame. At 168 g, this is the lightest rack available today.

The Rene Herse CP-1 rack is designed to be used together with the Rene Herse centerpull brakes. It requires dedicated braze-ons on the frame, so it cannot be retrofitted without brazing on the mounts. For bikes with cantilever brakes, we recommend the Rene Herse M-13 or UD-2 racks.

The optional ‘hanging’ light mount of this rack is designed for use with the ‘hanging’ SON Edelux headlight. Or choose the ‘standing’ light mount that gives you a choice among a wide range of lights. Also available without light mount, with two eyelets that allow mounting a light on either side (or both) using the Rene Herse Light Mount.

See ‘Technical Specs’ below for detailed information.

Made in Japan. 10 year warranty.

  • Attaches to centerpull braze-ons and fork braze-ons.
  • Requires dedicated braze-ons
  • 75 mm centerpull braze-on spacing
  • Designed for 93.5 mm between centerpull braze-ons and fork braze-ons.
  • Fork braze-ons should be approximately 85 mm apart, though the rack will fit if this distance is slightly wider or narrower.
  • Platform: 160 mm x 90 mm (Backstop: 48 mm)
  • Fender attachment at the front of the rack
  • Custom hardware for secure attachment.
  • Designed for bikes with up to 44 mm tires and fenders.
  • Made by Nitto to Rene Herse Extralight specifications
  • 168 g (rack); 22 g (hardware)
  • For detailed drawings, see pages 4 and 5 of the Rene Herse Centerpull Brake Specs, here.
The rack is supplied with custom bolts that provide secure attachment:
  • 2x Rene Herse rack mounting bolts (M6) for mounting to centerpull pivot with smaller-diameter M5 forward extension to hold the rack securely
  • 2x M5 domed nuts with lockwashers to attach to fork braze-ons
  • 2x V2 braze-on for fork blade (centerpull pivots available separately)
  • 1 M5 tensilock nut with leather washer for fender mount
  • Light mounting bolt and hardware included with racks featuring integrated light mount.