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Compass Decaleur For Nitto Stem


The decaleur for the riding we enjoy: spirited adventures across mountain ranges that often involve rough roads. The new Compass decaleur holds the bag reliably, no matter how bumpy the terrain. It is designed to withstand 50,000+ miles of riding on all types of roads.

A decaleur attaches the handlebar bag securely, so it does not move around as you ride. It also keeps the bag clear of the handlebars, so you can use the “tops” hand position.

We licensed this locking design from C. S. Hirose and combined it with the final version of René Herse’s decaleurs to create a decaleur that is strong, light, reliable and elegant. Made by Nitto in Japan, this Compass decaleur is designed for Nitto Pearl (NP) stems. It also works on Technomic and many other aluminum stems with a horizontal bar clamp bolt. (On stems where the bolt threads directly into the aluminum, drill out the threads and use the supplied nut and spacer to tighten the handlebar clamp.) We offer a similar decaleur for Compass, René Herse and Grand Bois stems.

The decaleur consists of two parts: One attaches to the stem, the other to the bag. Pins on the bag attachment slide into the tubes on the stem attachment with a precise fit. A spring-loaded button locks the two parts together.

Made in Japan under license from C. S. Hirose. 2 year warranty.



Too many decaleurs accidentally release their bags when the road gets bumpy. C. S. Hirose developed a simple locking mechanism that prevents this from happening. Push and hold the button to release the bag. Then simply pull the bag upward, attach your shoulder strap, and take it with you when you lock your bike. Installing the bag is equally simple: Slide the rear strap over the backstop of your rack. Push and hold the button, then insert the two pins on the bag attachment into the tubes on the stem mount. Once the bag is in place, release the button to lock the bag. No other attachments are needed, yet the bag is held securely.

René Herse’s last decaleurs used a simple U-shaped tube, which is stiffer and stronger than two separate tubes. This prevents bending of the tubes which could misalign them and make the bag difficult to insert. A drain hole prevents water from collecting in the bottom of the “U”.

The Compass decaleur comes in two versions. This version fits Nitto NP (Pearl stems), Technomic and similar aluminum stems with a horizontal handlebar clamp bolt. The decaleur replaces the handlebar clamp bolt. Its height is fixed.

We also offer a decaleur for Compass and Grand Bois stems, as well as classic René Herse stems (made before 1986).

Note: The decaleur does not replace a rack: the bag still needs to be supported from below.

  • Produced for Compass by Nitto in Japan
  • Design licensed from C.S. Hirose
  • Spacing of vertical prongs on bag mount: 40 mm (c-c)
  • Spacing of holes for bag attachment: 200 mm center to center.
  • Weight (with bag attachment and bolts): 160 g