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Kool Stop Mafac Brake Pads 5-Dot


Optimize the braking of your Mafac long-arm “Tandem” cantilever brakes with a set of modern Kool-Stop pads. These “5-dot” brake pads have the same dimensions as classic Mafac tandem cantilever brake pads and slip into Mafac tandem cantilever pad holders.

Salmon-colored “Matthauser” pad compound offers the best stopping in wet and dry conditions, but is less heat resistant. Ideal for riders who let their bikes roll on the straights and brake hard for corners.

Black pad compound is more heat resistant. Ideal for riders who prefer to drag their brakes on long downhills to keep their speed in check. Also great for restoring bikes with classic Mafac brakes.

Set of 4.

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