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MKS RX-1 Pedals


When we visited the MKS factory, we saw an employee in white gloves adjust the bearings on these pedals. Using shims that were 0.03 mm (1/1000 in) thick, he kept adding shims until the bearing adjustment was just perfect. Seeing this and feeling the smoothness of the bearings, we knew we had to sell these pedals.

The RX-1 is the lightest pedal MKS makes (as light as Campagnolo’s legendary titanium Super Record), yet it features a strong boron steel spindle. The pedals pass the stringent standard of the NJS for Keirin racing.

The RX-1 has a cut-away cage to save weight while still supporting your foot in all the important places. Other features include a lock for the toestrap, so you don’t need to twist the strap to keep it in place. Toesclips and -straps not included (available separately).

Made in Japan. 5 year warranty.


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We recommend MKS toeclips and Fit Alpha toestraps with the RX-1 pedals.

  • Weight: 276 g (pair).
  • Sealed bearings.
  • NJS approved.
  • BSC threading.