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MKS US-L Clipless Pedals

$80.00 $60.00

The US-L is a top-of-the-line clipless pedal with superbly smooth cartridge bearings and an ingenious retention system. The MKS US-L cleats are interchangeable with the cleats for LOOK Keo pedals. The US-L retention system is spli: Only one side opens to release the shoe. This means that the release is relatively easy – you only have to overcome half the spring tension that holds the shoe when pedaling. Yet when you are pedaling all-out, you have the full spring tension holding your shoe in place. No longer do you have to choose between safety when pedaling and safety when stopping! Also available in an “EZY-Superior” Rinko version.


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The release tension of the US-L pedals is set in three steps using an M3 allen key (supplied), making it easy to match the tension on both pedals.