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MKS US-S Clipless Pedals, “EZY” Rinko


A top-of-the-line SPD-compatible pedal that can be removed without tools in just seconds using the MKS “EZY” Rinko system: convenient for travel, or to store your bike in tight spaces.

The US-S Nuevo is a top-of-the-line clipless pedal with superbly smooth cartridge bearings. The retention system is similar to that of the Shimano SPD pedals, and the cleats are interchangeable.

Includes one set of cleats, hardware and storage bag.

Note: “EZY” and “EZY Superior” pedals are not interchangable.



Initially intended for Rinko (the Japanese system of disassembling bikes for train travel), MKS “EZY” Rinko pedals have two parts. A stub attaches to the crank like a normal pedal. The actual pedal attaches to this with a fitting similar to an air hose. To attach or release the pedal, push the outer ring toward the crank. The ability to remove the pedals quickly and without tools (or dirty hands) is useful not only when packing bikes for travel. It can be useful when the bike is stored in a narrow space. It also makes it easy to change pedals on your bike. You could commute all week in street shoes on platform pedals, and then swap in a set of clipless pedals for a weekend ride.

The release tension of the US-S Nuevo pedals is set in distinct steps with an allen key (supplied), making it easy to match the tension on both sides and on both pedals.

Not interchangeable with MKS “EZY Superior” pedals, so they cannot be swapped with the other Rinko pedals we offer, nor with the pedal adapters. Of course, they work fine on their own.