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Rene Herse Replacement Axle for Maxi-Car Rear Hubs


Maxi-Car hubs are probably the best hubs ever made. With double labyrinth seals, they spin smoothly for decades. Unfortunately, they haven’t been made in decades, and when you find a used one, it often doesn’t have the axle length you need. Rene Herse Cycles offers reproduction Maxi-Car rear axles in two versions: for quick releases and for a Nivex-style chainrest.

Step-by-step instructions for overhauling Maxi-Car hubs are available in Bicycle Quarterly 8 (Summer 2004).

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  • Quick release version:
    • 140 mm long
    • Can be adapted to rear hub spacings from 115 to 130 mm
    • Drilled for quick release
  • Chainrest version:
    • stub end that  drilled to receive wing screw
    • stub end ensures that the axle doesn't extend beyond the outer edge of the freewheel, so the wheel clears the chain as it is removed.
    • axle is sized for 5-speed freewheels, but can be machined down for 4-speed.
  • Click on the drawing to see a high-resolution version
  • Machined from CrMo steel and heat treated – even stronger than the originals
  • Made in Taiwan