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HED Belgium Plus 650B Rims


A modern, beautifully-made, tubeless-compatible rim that’s a perfect match for Compass tires. Use these rims with or without tubes. With the Belgium’s properly-designed well, the bead of your tire is guided into place as you bring it up to pressure.

Available in 28 and 32 hole drillings. With a tall, aerodynamic profile, these 650B rims make strong wheels. They have a brake track for rim brakes, but can also be used with disc brakes.

Black anodized. (Also available in a disc brake version.)

Made in Taiwan.

Important: Use “tubless-ready” rims with tubeless tape only, even if you install inner tubes. Tubeless rim tape is thin and slippery, allowing the tires to slide onto the shelf that forms the seat for the tire bead. Cloth tape is too thick and has too much friction. The tires will not seat properly when using cloth tape with these rims.

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We’ve been looking for a rim that works well with tubeless setups. The HED Belgium has impressed us with excellent tire seating on every sample we’ve tested. We’ve ridden these rims for years, and we are glad to sell them, too. We also like that they are available in a 28-hole version. And of course, you can use them with inner tubes, too.