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Classic Rene Herse Cantilever Braze-ons


Many classic René Herse bike lost their brakes when the bikes were modernized and updated to centerpull or other brakes. We now offer classic Rene Herse cantilever brakes and the brazed-on pivots to mount them on a bike. The pivots include premitered L-shaped guards that prevented brake arms from rotating into the spokes.

On 1940s bikes, the pivots had holes drilled at the bottom to accept the end of the springs. On later bikes, the springs simply hooked behind the L-shaped guards. These pivots are undrilled, so they can be used for either style.

Important: These posts are not designed for modern cantilever brakes. Current Rene Herse cantilever brakes use standard cantilever posts, which are available from many framebuilding suppliers.

Sold in sets of two, which is enough for one brake. Limited supply.


  • un-mitered
  • CrMo
  • Includes L-shaped guards to prevent brake from rotating into the spokes
  • For classic Rene Herse brakes (1938 - 1960s)
  • Not for current-production Rene Herse brakes (use standard cantilever posts)