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BQ 8 (Summer 2004)


Vol. 2, No. 4

Daniel Rebour

We celebrate the life and work of this famous illustrator. Jean-Pierre Pradères interviewed Rebour’s widow, herself an avid cyclist and competent Randonneuse. Previously unpublished photos from Rebour’s archive take you into a life dedicated to bicycles and motorcycles. A reprint of Rebour’s first bicycle ad, for Alex Singer, rounds out this story.

Maxi-Car hubs still are legendary for their quality and durability. We document their history and provide step-by-step instruction for overhauling these engineering marvels.

The story of the 1963 Tour de France (which pitted climber Fédérico Bahamontès against time trialist Jacques Anquetil) is illustrated by Rebour’s drawings of the main protagonists’ bikes. An all-original 1961 Olmo with full Campagnolo components takes us into the early days of Campy, while Duane Wright reports from his ride in Paris-Brest-Paris: He finished just 44 seconds before the 90-hour cut-off.


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Vol. 2, No. 4

Daniel Rebour
The life and work of Daniel Rebour
Previously unpublished photos
Rebour drawings
Maxi-Car history
1961 Olmo with full Campagnolo