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More Information

Pad wear adjustment

To adjust for brake pad wear, simply loosen the eyebolts that attach the brake pads and slide them closer to the rim. (During the initial setup, set the pads close to the brake to allow for this adjustment.)

We don’t recommend installing barrel adjusters for adjusting pad wear. When the pads wear, they hit the rim in a different location. On centerpull brakes, the pad hits the rim higher, so the pad can cut into the tire and cause a blowout. On cantilevers, the pad hits the rim lower and can ‘dive’ under the rim, resulting in a total loss of braking. Thus, the pad angle needs to be adjusted when the pads wear. This is easily done with the post-style pads used by our brakes.

Straddle Cable Length

Many cyclists have heard that a shorter (lower) straddle cable improves the mechanical advantage of cantilever brakes. This is true only for short-reach cantilevers, but not for long-reach cantis and for centerpull brakes.

With Rene Herse centerpull brakes, straddle cable length has little effect on the mechanical advantage. Make sure that the straddle cables clear your racks and that the yokes don’t obstruct your lights.

The straddle cable of Rene Herse cantilevers is pre-set for optimum braking and tire clearance. For small frames with narrow tires, a shorter straddle cable is available.

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