Online Resources

Online Resources

The Bicycle Quarterly web site provides a number of useful resources. Most popular is the Color Photo Supplement. It shows color photos of the classic bikes that have been featured in Bicycle Quarterly over the years. Most of the bikes we feature are unrestored originals, so they are not just “eye candy”, but also a reference that shows how these bikes were painted and equipped when they were new.

If your interest lies more with modern bikes, you will enjoy the photos of the more than 50 bikes we have tested. The bikes we have tested range from racing bikes to cargo bikes, including randonneur bikes, commuting bikes, tandems, and even children’s bikes. Many are custom-built machines that you won’t see at your local bike shop.

The Glossary provides an overview over many names, events and technical terms. If you want to know who Nicola Barra was, what kind of event the “Poly de Chanteloup” was, or how wheel flop works, you’ll find a short answer there.

If you plan to do research on a topic, our Index points you to the relevant issues of Bicycle Quarterly. Whether technical articles, history, touring or randonneuring, the relevant articles are listed in the order of importance.

There also is a complete table of contents for every issue we have published. If you try to find a particular article in your Bicycle Quarterly collection, it’s easy to search for it when you are on this web page.

You can access all these resources by clicking on the links above, or by selecting Magazine : Resources in the main menu bar of the Bicycle Quarterly web site. I hope you will find those resources useful and enjoyable.

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