Sad to Miss the BQ Un-Meeting

Sad to Miss the BQ Un-Meeting

We have been looking forward to the BQ Un-Meeting in Marin County for two years now – ever since our friends from Bicycle Counterculture (BCC) offered at the 2019 Un-Meeting near Portland to host the next meeting. Last year’s date had to be postponed for obvious reasons, and this year, events conspired and didn’t allow us to make it all the way to California at this time. We’re so sad that we can’t join the fun this year. Our thanks go out to the BCC crowd, especially Adem Rudin, who scouted such great courses and booked the campgrounds. We’re looking forward to seeing the photos and hear the stories!

Jan & Natsuko

Click here for more information about this year’s Un-Meeting.

Photo by Sukho V. from the 2018 Un-Meeting.

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