Berthoud Soulor Saddle, Stainless Steel Rails


The Soulor saddle combines the narrow shape of the ultra-light Galibier with stronger and more affordable stainless steel rails. Named after the 1,474 m (4,836 ft) Col du Soulor in the Pyrenees, this high-performance saddle is designed for spirited riding in a more stretched-out position, yet it features the same thick, luxurious leather upper as Berthoud’s other top-quality saddles.

Leather saddles have long offered the ultimate in comfort for long-distance cycling, because they shape themselves to your unique anatomy. Berthoud’s saddles use thoroughly modern materials and construction methods, while maintaining the advantages of a tensioned leather saddle. We’ve been riding these saddles for years, because we find them so comfortable.

The leather is thick and initially firm, but Berthoud saddles are pre-softened to shorten the break-in. They are comfortable after just a few long rides, and then they last many years. If the leather gets dry, we recommend a light treatment with Obenauf’s leather preservative. Berthoud saddles rarely need tensioning. When they do, the tension is easy to adjust with a 5 mm allen key.

Available in tan, brown, black or cork.

Made in France.

  • Dimensions:
    • 278 mm long
    • 146 mm wide
    • 64 mm rail (straight section for seatpost attachment)
  • Average weight: 415 g
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Water resistant leather treatment.