We Have Tires!

We Have Tires!

We have tires! All sizes, most casings, and even most colors are in stock again! Some quantities are still limited, but there’s no real shortage on the horizon for the next month or two – and hopefully beyond.

You’ll understand our excitement when you hear the story: Four weeks ago, a big ship sailed into the waters just off Elliott Bay. It was ten days behind schedule, but that’s just one of the eventualities that we factor into our planning. Once a ship arrives, it usually pulls into the harbor. Giant cranes pluck the containers from the ship, which takes less than a day. The containers get processed, and a few days later, we receive our shipment. But these aren’t usual times…

First the ship anchored off Bainbridge Island. We could see it on our rides, but for 12 days, it stayed out there in the Puget Sound. On the thirteenth day, it finally pulled into the harbor, and we breathed a sigh of relief. Too early, as it turned out. Those giant cranes didn’t swing into action because the piers were still blocked by the containers from the previous ships. It took five days to clear that backlog, then our container was finally unloaded together with the others. The big ship left the port, en route to its next destination. But that wasn’t the end of the saga. The containers sat on the pier for eight more days, before they were released… In short, this tire shipment arrived a full month after it was scheduled to be here.

Now the tires are here, and you understand why we’re so excited about this. We’re still a bit behind with shipping, so if you order your tires (or anything else) now, please be patient and don’t expect your package to show up on your doorstep by the weekend. Rest assured that we’ve got all hands on deck to ship your orders as quickly as possible.

What really matters is that now you can equip your bike with the tires you need for your rides and adventures this summer. And that is exciting!

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