Rene Herse Centerpull Straddle Cables


Straddle cables for Rene Herse centerpull brakes.

Standard model: Sold as pair (2 cables). Also compatible with Mafac Raid/Racer brakes. Not compatible with Mafac 2000 and Competition brakes that need a double ended cable.

The Rinko model: Sold as one cable (1 cable, 2 cable end ‘barbells,’ brass nipple). Only compatible with Rene Herse Rinko centerpull brakes. Brass nipple must be silver-brazed to the cable end before it can be installed.

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This straddle cable works not only on Rene Herse brakes, but also on many classic Mafac brakes that use a similar system. However, don’t use the thinner straddle cable with other brakes: The cable can slip if it is clamped in a groove that is intended for a thicker straddle cable. The thinner straddle cable of the Rene Herse brakes is part of the entire system (swiveling mounts, eyebolt to hold the cable securely), and should only be used as part of that system.

  • Fits Rene Herse, Compass and some Mafac centerpull brakes
  • Does not work as replacement for double-ended straddle cables
  • 235 mm long