Nothing changes the feel and performance of your bike like a set of supple tires. And nobody has more experience with gravel and all-road tires than Rene Herse. More than 15 years ago, we started the wide-tire revolution. Since then, Rene Herse tires have won the biggest races. They've been ridden on the greatest adventures. And they've put smiles on cyclists' faces everywhere.

From smooth pavement to rough gravel and beyond, we’ve got you covered with four fast-rolling casings and sizes from 26 mm to 55 mm. Our tread patterns work equally well on pavement, gravel and beyond.

Our smooth all-road tires are ideal for all types of pavement and also for gravel. The file tread interlocks with the road surface to increase grip, especially in the wet. A little extra rubber under the center of the tread increases longevity without compromising performance. Few tires roll as fast, and none offer more grip.

Our revolutionary dual-purpose knobbies excel in loose and slippery conditions, but work equally well on pavement. Our knobbies are as fast as top-tier road tires. And thanks to the noise-canceling tread pattern (on most models), they are so quiet that you’ll forget you’re riding knobbies—until the trail gets rough and you appreciate their tenacious grip.

To find the right tires for you, start by selecting your wheel size: