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  • CURRENT ISSUE - BQ 74 (Winter 2020)


    No. 74
    Winter 2020

    Lael Wilcox in the Cascade Mountains
    Gravel in the Vercors (France)
    H. Hirose
    Rene Herse Pursuit Bike
    Aerodynamics of Wide Tires

  • BQ 73 (Autumn 2020)


    No. 73
    Autumn 2020

    Tire Tests
    Sofian Sehili
    Belladonna Test
    Steve Rex Shop Visit
    Alps Passhunter

  • BQ 72 (Summer 2020)


    No. 72
    Summer 2020

    Lael in Alaska
    Atlas Mountain Race
    Fern Bicycles
    Gramm Tourpacking
    R T Jansen
    All-Road Bike Make-Over
    Finding Drunken Charlie Lake

  • BQ 71 (Spring 2020)


    No. 71
    Spring 2020

    Bikepacking in Peru
    Horse Cycles All Road Elite
    1952 René Herse Randonneuse
    A Visit to Seven Cycles
    Navigating with Paper Maps

  • BQ 70 (Winter 2019)


    No. 70
    Winter 2019

    Test: Crust Canti Lightning Bolt
    Lael Wilcox tours the Silk Road Mountain Race course
    A new route across the border between France and Italy
    Riding in sub-zero temperatures
    A visit to J. P. Weigle
    Preparing a bike for Paris-Brest-Paris

  • BQ 69 (Autumn 2019)


    No. 69
    Autumn 2019
    Open Super-Test: WI.DE. vs U.P.P.E.R
    Paris-Brest-Paris: 1200 km Across France
    Cherubim, Iconic Japanese Builder
    Ted King: Interview with the ‘King of Gravel’
    Test: Trek Checkpoint, Men’s and Women’s
    From France to Istanbul on Racing Bikes

  • BQ 68 (Summer 2019)


    No. 68
    Summer 2019

    Bikepacking in Eritrea
    Calfee Bamboo Bike
    Rotor Hydraulic Shifting
    Frances 26″ All-Road Bike
    Brian Chapman
    80 Years of Cycles Alex Singer
    How to Adjust Cantilever Brakes
    Balancing Your Load
    Toe Overlap – When it’s OK and when it’s not

  • BQ 67 (Spring 2019)


    No. 67
    Spring 2019

    Women’s All-Road Bike
    Randonneurs and Randonneuses: Why they ride 1200 km of PBP?
    Salsa Warbird on the Dark Divide
    Sanomagic Mahogany Bikes
    BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Carbon E-Bike
    Firefly 26″ all-road bike in the maritime Alps of France
    Shop Visit: Kaisei Frame Tubing
    Tire Sizing: A Mysterious Art
    Skill: When to Shift

  • BQ 66 (Winter 2018)


    No. 66
    Winter 2018

    All-City Gorilla Monsoon
    Overnight Adventure on the MAP All-Road
    Q factor, Performance and Injury
    René Herse: Celebrating Eighty Years of Innovation (1938-2018)
    Entering the Mysterious World of Custom Bicycles
    The Challenge of the Transcontinental Race
    Barra Aluminum Bike: The Mad Genius of Cyclotouring Bikes
    Firefly – Masters of Titanium
    Harvest Ride in Connecticut
    Idéale, Innovative Maker of Leather Saddles
    Peter Weigle’s French Fender Day 2018
    Project: Reshaping Crankarms for All-Road Bikes

  • BQ 65 (Autumn 2018)


    No. 65
    Autumn 2018

    Traversing the Sawtooth Range
    Solistice Gravel Ride Around Mt. Hood
    Across the Mediterranean Border on a Tandem
    Fun at the 2018 BQ Un-Meeting
    Masi Speciale Randonneur
    Frances Farfarer Trailer
    Alter Cycles Reflex 300 with Engineered Flex
    1980s René Herse with Campagnolo Super Record
    French Collectors
    New Standards and Traditional Materials
    Anatomy of a Rinko Bike
    Skill: Ghost Riding

  • BQ 64 (Summer 2018)


    No. 64
    Summer 2018

    Mexico’s Copper Canyon
    Passhunters: Japan’s Mountain Cycling Pioneers
    Timewarp 1960s TOEI
    Harry Havnoonian: Framebuilder of Champions
    Bikes of the 1949 Tour de France
    Pellos: Tour de France in Cartoons
    Bike Tests: 3T Exploro; Surly Midnight Special
    Project: Install a Front Rack
    Skill: Body English
    Icon: René Herse Stem

  • BQ 63 (Spring 2018)


    No. 63
    Spring 2018

    Lyli Herse 1928 – 2018
    Torino – Nice Gravel Rally
    My First Mountain Bike Ride
    Factory Visit: Davidson & Kullaway
    Jo Routens
    The Evolution of ‘Allroad’ Bikes
    Berthoud Bar-End Mirror
    Crankbrothers Eggbeater 11 Pedals
    Mount a Tire Tubeless
    Bike Test: Caletti Monstercross
    First Ride: MASI Speciale Randonneur
    Skill: Look Where You Go
    Icon: Wonder Light

  • BQ 62 (Winter 2017)


    No. 62
    Winter 2017

    To the Alps on a 1947 Tandem
    Tandem Design à la René Herse
    Backroads of the Balkans
    BQ Un-Meeting and Volcano High Pass Challenge
    Across Japan’s Southern Alps in a Day
    A Visit to Shimano
    1984 Shimano Dura-Ace
    Two Years on The Furefly
    Wheel Size, Tire Width and Handling
    Skill: Jumping a Curb
    First Ride: Rawland Ulv
    Bike Test: 333fab AirLandSea

  • BQ 61 (Autumn 2017)


    No. 61
    Autumn 2017

    The Perfect Mountain Pass
    Visit to Paul Component Engineering
    Concours de Machines 2017
    Peter Weigle: The Long Road to the Concours de Machines
    Technical Trials from 1901 until Today
    Pitard from the 1949 Concours de Machines
    Alps – Pioneer of Rinko
    Skill: Climb out of the saddle
    First Ride: Steve Rex Monstercross
    Bike Test: Chapman Light Tourer Di2

  • BQ 60 (Summer 2017)


    No. 60
    Summer 2017

    Peter Weigle Goes to Japan
    Cyclotourists Meet the Tour de France
    Dalsland Runt: Gravel Riding in Sweden
    A Visit to Gilles Berthoud
    Skill: Catching a Slide
    First Ride: J. P. Weigle Randonneur
    Bike Test: Boo SL-G
    Test Update: Specialized Diverge After 2 Years

  • BQ 59 (Spring 2017)


    No. 59
    Spring 2017

    Around Mt. Baker in One Day
    Restoring a 1946 René Herse
    Easter Ride in the Mexican Cordillera
    A Visit to Schmidt Maschinenbau
    Bike Test: Open U.P.
    First Rides: Rossman 650B Randonneur and Specialized Sequoia
    Project: A Detachable Lower Front Fender
    Daniel Provot, 1934-2017

  • BQ 58 (Winter 2016)


    No. 58
    Winter 2016

    Otaki 100 km Mountain Bike Race
    Moots Routt to Bon Jon Pass and back
    Riding the Mule to the 2016 BQ Un-Meeting
    Are Wider Tires Slower on Smooth Roads?
    Performance is Important for Slow Riders, too!
    Visiting the Panaracer Factory
    The Love of Cycling (France 1950s)
    Peninsula Cyclotouring