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Sad to Miss the BQ Un-Meeting

We have been looking forward to the BQ Un-Meeting in Marin County for two years now – ever since our friends from Bicycle Counterculture (BCC) offered at the 2019 Un-Meeting near Portland to host the next meeting. Last year’s date had to be postponed for obvious reasons, and this year, events conspired… read more

Introducing Hatcher Pass 700C x 48 mm

When we asked Lael Wilcox which tires she needed for bikepacking, the Fleecer and Oracle Ridge dual-purpose knobbies were the result: great traction on loose and muddy surfaces (and snow), but fast and grippy on pavement. Plus quiet thanks to our patented noise cancellation technology. These tires cover the multitude of conditions… read more

How Tough are Rene Herse Extralight Tires?

We just received another tire shipment, this one mostly with Extralight models that had been out of stock for a while. For me, the Extralight casing is one of the things that defines our Rene Herse tires. It’s the most supple casing you’ll find anywhere, matched only by the finest hand-made tubular… read more

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