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Heading to the Arkansas High Country Race

The Ozark and Ouachita Mountains. Lush green valleys. The Arkansas River valley. I’ve heard so much about the Arkansas High Country Race… …from Ted King, who raced the full-length 1000-mile version and set the FKT,… …from Annie Davis who rides there all the time and holds the FKT for the Northwest Loop,… …and from Hailey Moore,… read more

Fender News: Blades Available Separately and Edge Tool

It’s raining today in Seattle, and we’re glad to have bikes with really good fenders. It was a revelation when we realized that the unpleasantness of riding in the rain is mostly due to spray from the wheels. Unless you’re riding in a typhoon, there’s comparatively little water falling from the sky. And… read more

One Year Ago: Oregon Outback

Already a year has passed since I last rode the Oregon Outback, the 364-mile (585 km) bikepacking route that traverses the length of Oregon. That ride was the culmination of a dream that took seven years to achieve. Ever since the very first Oregon Outback—back in 2014 when it was a semi-organized ride… read more

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