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A Firefly for Vermont’s Class IV Trails

There are some bikes that you see on social media, and you just want to know more. FF986 popped up on the Firefly feed a little while ago, and it just looked so dialed. You could see that every part was carefully considered, chosen for the riding that the rider intends to… read more

Back in Stock: SON Generator Hubs

We just received a long-awaited shipment from Schmidt Maschinenbau in Germany with generator hubs, lights and small parts. The entire program is back in stock for now. This includes the hubs that endurance racers like Lael Wilcox and Ted King use when they ride 1000+ miles non-stop. These are the only generator… read more

What Cyclists Say

It’s one thing to write a book that the experts enjoy, and you may have read what bike designer Gerard Vroomen (CervĂ©lo/OPEN) and gravel racers Lael Wilcox and Ted King had to say about “The All-Road Bike Revolution.” It was great to see that even they learned new things… But really, our… read more

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