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Tire Pressure for Unbound

Yesterday’s post about my Unbound XL bike mentioned tire pressure: 21 psi (1.5 bar). That is very low. In fact, it’s about 20% less than the ‘soft’ value from the Rene Herse tire pressure calculator. Should we all run our tires that low? Not necessarily—what works for one rider may not work for… read more

Unbound XL: Jan’s Bike

The Flint Hills are totally different from the Cascade Mountains where I usually ride, but equally fascinating. Flying here yesterday, Kansas seemed flat, but the Flint Hills are anything but. The climbs are shorter, but relentless. The rocks are chunky and can be sharp. The climate is hotter, especially at night. It’s really… read more

Wired Mag: Your Bike Tires Are Too Skinny.

Today, Wired magazine published an article titled: “Your Bike Tires Are Too Skinny. Riding on Fat, Supple Tires Is Just Better.” It’s not like we don’t know this already—after all, Tadej Pogačar is currently dominating the Giro d’Italia on 28 mm tires. Rubber that wide was considered appropriate only for touring bikes just… read more

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