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What is Brake Support?

When we started to develop tires, we refused to accept what passed as ‘common sense.’ Back then, you just ‘knew’ that wide tires rolled slow. But when we looked at what could be done to make wide tires less slow, we realized that there was no need to compromise: Wide tires can be… read more

Gravel Locos in Texas—and Holly in Colorado

One reason we love racing is the beautiful images that accompany the sport. Whether it’s Jered and Ashley Gruber’s moody images from Europe or Marc Arjol Rodriguez captivating photos of gravel racing in the heartland, there is an aesthetic to racing that appeals whether you care about the sport itself or not. Gravel Locos,… read more

Cranks! And other ETAs

Rene Herse cranks don’t need an introduction any longer. Net-shape forging makes them stronger than other small-production cranks. They are superlight. Chainrings choices are almost unlimited. We think they are beautiful, too. The cranks are made in small batches, and recent production runs sold out before we could even announce them. Now another… read more

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