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Too Much Tire? A Road Test.

“That’s too much tire for that route,” is something I’ve heard many times, usually from gravel racers who are preparing a relatively smooth ride, like next weekend’s SBT GRVL in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The old belief that the narrowest tire that can (barely) handle the terrain will be fastest doesn’t seem to be… read more

Rene Herse Cranks with Downshift Technology

The wait is finally over: Rene Herse chainrings are coming off the production line again. But this is more than a ‘Back in Stock’ notice: The new chainrings feature our downshift technology. This technology is found on the very best 12-speed chainrings (including those from Rene Herse), but this is the first time… read more

The 1955 Tour de France Feminin

It’s exciting to see the Tour de France Femmes take to the roads of France this week. It’s a big step toward reducing the gender imbalance in bike racing. Most of all, there has been some great racing for all of us to enjoy. The Tour Femmes brings back memories of the stories Lyli… read more

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