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Let’s Heal the Divisions in Cycling!

When Bicycle Quarterly got started 20 years ago, cycling culture, especially in North America, was focused almost entirely on racing—and on male racers. Manufacturers pushed bikes for competition, whether road or mountain bikes. If they offered bikes intended for exploring and adventure at all, it was usually a single “touring” model, relegated to… read more

Gravel Myths (3): Wide Tires Need Wide Rims?

In this series, we look at things that you hear from many sources, but that aren’t supported by data and testing. It’s natural to be skeptical when long-held beliefs are challenged—that’s why we lay out the evidence so everybody can evaluate it for themselves. That’s how we’ve always done it, ever since our… read more

Japan in Winter

December took Natsuko and me to Japan for the launch of the Japanese edition of our book The All-Road Bike Revolution. Natsuko is well-connected in the Japanese cycling and publishing world, and so this became a whirlwind tour of interviews, podcasts and rides. We also visited several builders to see their newest creations. (Above… read more

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