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TPU Tubes are here!

The new Rene Herse TPU tubes are here. It’s still surprising to me how tiny and light these inner tubes are. There is much to like about them: Lighter than butyl and latex tubes. Lighter than tubeless sealant. Faster than butyl tubes or tubeless. As fast as latex tubes. Better puncture- and pinch flat-resistance than butyl or latex… read more

Handlebar Restock and New Travel Parts

The same boat that brought the first of our 85th Anniversary Limited Edition tires also carried long-awaited shipments from Nitto, Honjo and Ostrich. Many customers have been patiently waiting for our handlebars, which had been out of stock due to high demand. As more riders embark on long-distance adventures, many turn to Rene Herse… read more

Limited Edition: Black Endurance Tires

This year, we are celebrating 85 years of Rene Herse Cycles. In late 1938, René Herse built the world’s lightest bikepacking bike and entered it in the prestigious Concours de Machines, the competition for the best bicycle, to showcase the innovative components he had developed. Drawing on his experience of making parts for… read more

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