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A Street Named After Lyli Herse

Lyli Herse lived in Boisemont, on the hills above the Seine River. Now the town has named a street after the 8-times French champion. I found out the news when I talked to Lyli’s neighbor, who has adopted her dog after Lyli died three years ago. We talk once in a while,… read more

Cranks, Berthoud Saddles and New Products

Usually the logistics of keeping things in stock don’t matter to our customers. Usually we receive new shipments before the old stocks run out, so the transition is seamless and parts are just always in stock. Usually… If you’ve been following the bike industry just a little bit, you know that nothing… read more

Tire Test Results

Last week, we talked about how real-road tire tests have revolutionized our understanding of how bicycles work. We’ve looked at different ways of testing tires, and why it’s so important to perform tests carefully and under realistic conditions. Today, let’s look at some results of our testing. Are Wider Tires Slower? Or Faster? The… read more

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