MKS makes the best pedals in the world. Top of the line is the RX-1 pedal, which is the lightest of a line developed for Japanese Keirin racers. The RX-1’s cartridge bearings are adjusted by a white-gloved technician, who adds shims under the preload nut until the bearings have no play and run ultra-smoothly. The RX-1 the highest-quality pedal ever made.

The other MKS pedals in our program use similarly smooth cartridge bearings. They are available with Rinko quick releases, so you can remove them without tools for travel – or you can alternate between clipless and platform pedals on your bike. You won’t find smoother-spinning pedals anywhere. (MKS also makes budget pedals with mediocre bearings, but we don’t sell those.)

MKS toeclips and straps match the ultra-high quality of their pedals. The laminated Fit Alpha toestraps are designed for Keirin racers, where a broken toestrap not only would risk injury, but also disqualification from future races. The other MKS straps also are made from high-quality leather that is a cut above the rest.

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“On taking the MKS RX-1 pedal out of its box, the first thing that strikes you is quality; quality of workmanship, materials and of finish.”
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