Handlebars are among the most important components of your bike. With the right handlebars, randonneurs ride the 1200 km of Paris-Brest-Paris virtually non-stop without suffering from hand, wrist or shoulder pains. With the wrong bars, even a three-hour ride can lead to aches.

Everybody’s anatomy is different, and handlebars that lock you into a few hand positions will not be comfortable in the long run. Our bars have generous curves that support your hands over a wide range of positions, allowing you to roam and find the perfect spot to hold the bars. A longer reach gives you more options, from an upright position to a stretched-out, aerodynamic position. You’ll be amazed how great handlebars can transform your riding experience.

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“Once I started riding the Maes Parallel bars, all hand issues completely went away. And because I can move comfortably to different positions, so did most of my lower back issues (a lifelong struggle for me). I was thinking about this last week as I was finishing a 300K — these handlebars have been liberating.”
– B.C., San Francisco, CA

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