How do you design the best crank? You start from scratch, rather than copy others.

How many arms do you need to support the chainrings? Three are enough. More just add weight. What size is the smallest chainring you want to use? That should determine your bolt-circle diameter.

You arrive at a crank with three arms that are sized to support any chainring size from 24 teeth upward. It’s really that simple.

The mainsteam makers have been converging on this solution. Most have gone from five arms to four. Bolt circles have shrunk to allow for compact cranks with smaller chainrings. It’s probably only a matter of time until they catch up with our René Herse cranks.

Compass René Herse cranks are as light as most carbon cranks, yet they’ve proven themselves over millions of miles. We know they are strong enough. We’ve also tested them in independent labs: They have passed the most stringent EN “Racing Bike” standards for fatigue resistance.

Set our cranks up with one, two or three chainrings in sizes from 52 to 24 teeth. Enjoy the low tread (Q factor) as you spin along with gearing that is perfect for your riding style. And when your bike is parked, marvel at the most beautiful cranks ever made.

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“The construction is solid, but the crank feels very light. I have no clearance issues, and I have full use of my cassette in both chainrings.”
– M. G., Tucson, AZ

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