The most important attribute of a rim is tire fit. If the rim bed is too deep or too shallow, the tire doesn’t fit right and can come off the rim if you have a sudden flat tire. Instead of rolling to a stop, you fly over the bars!

With tubeless rims, tire fit has improved – tubeless tires won’t seal unless they fit tightly into the rim – but tire seating can be an issue. If you don’t plan to run your tires tubeless, a well-designed “non-tubeless” rim will make it easier to install your tires. You mount the tire, inflate it, and as the inner tube expands, the tire slides into position on the curved rim bed.

Rims should never crack, but some rim shapes are poorly designed for the stresses of the tensioned spokes. Others use inferior materials that aren’t as strong as they should be. Using quality materials and a well-designed shape, the rims we sell have an excellent reliability record.

Classic rims are silver, so they look good even after the brake surface wears. Wide tires put much smaller loads on the wheels, and a well-built wheel shouldn’t need truing. The best rims look elegant, and apart from the occasional cleaning, should require no maintenance until they are worn out from braking.

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“The HED Belgium is an all-purpose rim, thoughtfully designed.”
J. D., Watertown, MA

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