A graceful stem adds beauty to your bike. The stem is the centerpiece of your bike, where all the steering and handling happens. That is why the best builders always have made their own custom stems, even though perfectly good stems are available off the shelf.

We offer traditional quill stems, forged from aluminum or fillet-brazed from steel tubing, as well as a direct-clamp model for modern bikes with a 31.8 mm handlebar clamp.

On a bike with a handlebar bag, make sure that your stem is compatible with a good decaleur. A decaleur mounts your handlebar bag securely, while leaving room around your handlebars so that you can use all hand positions. A good decaleur is lighter and more elegant than all modern “Klick Fix” brackets.

Decaleurs only stabilize the bag – it still needs to be supported by a rack. Even so, decaleurs take a lot of stress, so they need to be strong. The adjustable decaleurs we have tried all came loose after just a few hours of riding. And many poorly designed decaleurs have broken. We only offer reliable, tested decaleurs for all stems in our program.

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