Bicycle Quarterly FAQ

If I subscribe now, which is the first Bicycle Quarterly I receive?

Your subscription will start with the current edition.

Can I buy Bicycle Quarterly back issues?

Most past editions are available here, both as individual magazines and in 4-packs. To save on shipping charges, you can order multiple 4-packs and/or add them to another order from Rene Herse Cycles.

How long does my Bicycle Quarterly subscription run?

Your mailing envelope shows when your Bicycle Quarterly subscription expires. As long as you entered a correct email address when ordering your subscription, you’ll also received a renewal email when the time comes (unless you unsubscribe from Bicycle Quarterly emails).

Your subscription is always good for 4, 8 or 12 magazines (depending on whether you subscribe for one, two or three years). We prioritize high quality over quick turn-around, and so we only sign off the magazine for printing when it’s really ready. Sometimes that takes a little longer, so your actual subscription may run a little longer than one, two or three calendar years. If you have questions about your Bicycle Quarterly subscription, please contact us.

Where is my Bicycle Quarterly?

We use Periodical Mail to keep our subscription prices low. This can take 3-6 weeks for delivery of the first magazine (International: 6-12 weeks).

If you haven’t received your magazine 6 weeks after you subscribed or after a new edition was announced in our Journal (12 weeks for international subscribers), please contact us.

When I checked my order confirmation, it shows ‘Processing.’ Is that normal?

We don’t mark BQ subscriptions as ‘complete,’ because you will receive multiple magazines. Your subscription has been entered in our system, and you will receive the magazine.

I’ve moved. How do I update my BQ subscription address?

Click here to update your address. Please note that you must update your BQ subscription address at this link – if you just update your address in your shopping cart account, it won’t change where your BQ will be mailed. (There are separate databases for each.)

I let my subscription lapse. Can I get the editions I missed as part of my renewal?

Postal regulations only allow us to mail the current edition as periodical mail. If you’ve missed any BQ editions, they are available separately.

Is Bicycle Quarterly available in a digital edition?

We are too small to offer both a digital and a paper edition – each medium needs economies of scale to be sustainable. We chose paper for its durability and the enjoyment we get from sitting down with a cup of tea and a paper magazine, away from our screens.

We’re continuously working to reduce our environmental impact in many ways. We’re not saying that four paper magazines a year don’t matter, but it’s a small impact compared to other mail most people get.