Wide Tires: Breaking the Limits

Riding in the Cascade Mountains, we discovered the joys of gravel riding. We realized that our narrow racing tires were reaching their limits on rough surfaces. We started dreaming of wide and supple high-performance tires that would float over the gravel, rather than grind through it.

Would it be possible to combine the speed of racing tires with the go-anywhere ability of wide tires? Testing tires on real roads, we found that wide tires could be as fast as narrow ones, and that high pressures weren’t needed for optimum tire performance.

To develop the tires we wanted for our adventures, we worked with one of the world’s best makers of bicycle tires. No suitable tire molds existed, so we used the tooling for a mountain bike tire to make prototype tires to our specifications. Then we asked framebuilder Peter Weigle to shave off the knobs. Now we had ultra-wide, ultra-supple tires that we could test.

Nobody had ever ridden supple high-performance tires this wide. Would these tires work in the real world, or would they bounce like basketballs? In our testing, we discovered that they offered previously unimagined speed on gravel, but also gripped much better on pavement.

After revolutionizing the tires for all-road bikes, we developed all-purpose knobbies that roll faster and corner better than most road tires, yet offer much better traction on loose surfaces, in mud and on snow.

Our Endurance and Endurance Plus casings came out of a collaboration with gravel racer Ted King. Their casings are toughened with extra protection against punctures and sidewall cuts – perfect for races and adventures where you don’t know what lies ahead.

We teamed up with ultra-racing legend Lael Wilcox to develop the ultimate tires for bikepacking and ultra-distance racing. The Fleecer Ridge is the world’s first bicycle tire with noise cancellation. The frequencies of the knobs hitting the ground partially cancel each other. The Fleecer Ridge rolls quieter than almost any other knobby while offering the same speed and grip that our tires are famous for. With Rene Herse tires, your imagination is the only limit for your adventures!

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