Our Passion


Since 1938, Rene Herse Cycles has been making the highest-quality components. Our cranks and brakes are forged for superior strength and ultralight weight. Our 12-speed-compatible chainrings rival the shifting performance of the best in the industry. Our tires have broken new ground with supple casings and innovative tread patterns, as well as our noise cancellation technology.


Rene Herse started his company with a ride in the 1938 Concours de Machines, an incredible competition for the lightest bike that included a ‘field test’ over 700 km of rough mountain roads. His bikes were ridden in adventures like Paris-Brest-Paris, the Raid Pyreneen, and continent-spanning epics from Paris to Istanbul and beyond. In the early 2000s, Rene Herse Cycles was reborn in the Cascade Mountains because we needed tires and components suitable for our own adventures. Our products are designed to the highest standards and tested to the limit, because that’s how we ride.


Rene Herse’s bikes were ridden to more than two dozen national and two world championships. They won the Challenge des Constructeurs for the fastest bikes in the epic 1200-km Paris-Brest-Paris six times – more than all other makers combined. This proud tradition continues with endurance racers like Ted King, Lael Wilcox, Sofiane Sehili and Lauren de Crescenzo riding Rene Herse tires and components to top placings in gravel and ultra-distance races all over the world.


With history comes experience. Rene Herse learned his craft making prototype airplanes that set records for long-distance flights during the 1920s and 30s. Applying aircraft technology to cycling, his bikes were unsurpassed in their performance, light weight and quality. Today’s Rene Herse team has spent many years riding and testing bikes in the Cascade Mountains. You can feel this experience when you ride on Rene Herse tires and components.