Rene Herse Fender Eyebolts


Many of Rene Herse’s most coveted bikes used fender eyebolts with round heads and matching rounded cups: more elegant, lighter and (slightly) stronger than the large angular heads on current eyebolts.

We custom-made these eyebolts in three lengths: 7 mm (stay to fender connection), 11 mm (stay to unthreaded dropout connection), and 20 mm.

7 mm and 11 mm eyebolts sold in sets of 4.

20 mm eyebolts sold in pairs.

Pro Tip: The 20 mm eyebolts are extra-long and designed to be shortened to fit your application. Thread a nut onto the shaft before cutting off the bolt to restore the threads after cutting and filing.


  • Round heads and small cups
  • Stainless steel
  • For 5 mm fender stays
  • Shaft length: 7 mm, 11 mm, 20 mm
  • 7 mm eyebolts are equipped with self-locking nuts for a tight grip on the inside of the fender
  • 11 and 20 mm are equipped with standard nuts and washers to protect your bikes finish
  • Made in Taiwan