Rene Herse Posters


Enjoy two of the most evocative images from the Rene Herse archives on your walls. Both posters take you right into the action, with Jacques Delmas and his wife in full flight on a classic Rene Herse tandem, as well as Serge Félix on his way to third place in the 1955 Poly de Chanteloup.

The large-format posters are printed on acid-free, coated stock. Limited to 300 posters each.

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Printed on acid-free coated stock and varnished to protect the images, these large posters measure 600 x 830 mm (23.6” x 32.7”). The print run is limited to 300 posters each, and they will not be reprinted.

Publisher: Bicycle Quarterly Press
Dimensions: 23.6″ x 32.7″
Price: $20 / each; $35 / both posters