BQ 34 (Winter 2010)


Vol. 9, No. 2

Randonneuring in Post-War France

Gilbert Bulté was one of the most prolific randonneurs of post-war France. For 14-page feature, he went through his comprehensive photo archives and recounted his experiences, showing the variety – and fun – of the post-war cyclotouring events.

We say good-bye to Jean Desbois, framebuilder for René Herse and successor of the “magician of Levallois”. It’s a coincidence that in the same issue, we test one of the first modern René Herse bikes made by Boulder Bicycles in Colorado. Does the new machine have the same magic as the old French ones did?

We also test a Bilenky tandem that borrows its geometry from René Herse’s two-seaters, and find that it handles as well as the old machine. We ride it in a challenging 400 km brevet, maintaining an average speed (including stops) of 30 km/h.

We look at the forces and movements involved in cornering on a bicycle. As riders, we balance the forces instinctively, but understanding what is really happening can make us better riders. We also look at the origins of the low-trail geometries that work so well for cyclotouring bikes, and try to trace their development to the 1930s.

Shimmy is a problem with many bikes that feature thinwall tubing and wide tires. We examine the issue and look at possible remedies. Even more hands-on, Peter Weigle talks about how to mount metal fenders on your bike with detailed, illustrated instructions. As a bonus, he shares the secrets of his superbly elegant custom fender installations.

  • Features:
  • 4 Randonneuring in Post-War France
  • 27 Reprint: A Good Night for a Run
  • 60 Builders Speak: Peter Weigle on Custom Fender Installation
  • 70 Our Favorite Bikes: 1983 Specialized Sequoia
  • Reviews:
  • 18 Book Review: The Spring Classics
  • 28 Bike Test: René Herse 650B Randonneur
  • 36 Bike Test: Bilenky 650B Constructeur Tandem
  • 62 Tests: Grand Bois Hubs and Rims, Shimano DH-3N80 Generator Hub
  • 65 Test: Generator-Powered LED headlights
  • Tech:
  • 33 What is Planing?
  • 44 Balancing and Cornering on a Bicycle
  • 48 The Origins of Cyclotouring Geometries
  • 53 What Causes Shimmy?
  • 55 What is in a Frame Tube?
  • 56 Project: Mounting Metal Fenders
  • 69 Gyroscopic Forces
  • News:
  • 20 News
  • 22 Jean Desbois, Framebuilder for René Herse, 1924-2010
  • 24 Readers' Forum
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