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Why it took so long to re-stock

Here at Rene Herse, we make components that offer alternatives to the big makers, with performance and durability that match the very best. Take our cranks, for example: Our customers want more chainrings choices, but they don’t want to give up shifting performance. And they don’t want to worry about their cranks breaking…. read more

Nivex Derailleurs Are Here!

The wait is over! We have Nivex derailleurs, shift levers, cables, dropouts, brazing jigs—the entire program is in stock now. We appreciate all our customers who’ve waited patiently while we finalized this innovative drivetrain. At a time when electronic shifting works extremely well, developing an alternative only makes sense if it offers something… read more

Gift Ideas from Rene Herse

It’s that time of year again… when we tend to ride less, spend more time indoors with family and friends, and also think about gifts that show how much we appreciate them. At Rene Herse, we’re no fans of the holiday shopping frenzy, and we don’t want to sell you things you don’t… read more

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