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Why Rene Herse tires score best in real-road tests

An acquaintance once remarked: “Isn’t it funny that Rene Herse tires always score best in your tests?” There was a twinkle in their eye, and their voice made clear that this was a gentle ribbing and not an accusation, but it got me thinking… It’s easy to suspect foul play when we test… read more

Brennan Wertz Wins Huffmaster Hopper

The 2024 gravel racing has started with exciting racing in California’s Grasshopper Adventure Series. Last weekend, the second event of the series, the 88.8-mile (142.9 km) Huffmaster Hopper saw an all-star field. There was the long-standing, but friendly, rivalry between local favorites Brennan Wertz and Peter Stetina. Lachlan Morton and Sean Bennett, both… read more

What makes Rene Herse tires special?

Some cyclists find it hard to believe that a small company from Seattle can make some of the best tires in the world. Surely the big names must have much greater resources. How can a couple of scientists compete with an army of technicians in white lab coats who have multi-million dollar test… read more

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