85th Anniversary Tires Are Here!

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85th Anniversary Tires Are Here!

To celebrate 85 years of Rene Herse Cycles, we’re offering some of our most popular models as Limited Editions with all-black Endurance casings. Because some bikes, like the ‘Super Fern’ from our friends in Berlin, Germany, simply look better with black tires. We’ve just received a big tire shipment that includes all the 85th Anniversary models.

Some readers may wonder: Which is better, blackwall or tanwall? The answer is simple: There is no functional difference between casing colors. (The same applies to our Extralight tires that also come in a choice of black or tan walls.) They weigh the same (within the tolerances of hand-made tires), they have the same suppleness, and also the same UV resistance.

It’s a different story for the tread rubber—the part of the tire that touches the ground. Black tread rubber offers significantly more grip—especially in the wet—than other colors. When we tested this, the difference was very noticeable. That’s why all our tires have black tread, because we won’t compromise performance for style.

We’re offering the following tires in the all-black Anniversary Edition. All feature our Endurance casing that makes them ultra-tough, yet retains the suppleness and speed that Rene Herse tires are famous for. All are tubeless-compatible. They also work great with our new TPU tubes.

Smooth all-road tread:

  • 700C x 31 mm Orondo Grade
  • 700C x 35 mm Bon Jon Pass
  • 700C x 38 mm Barlow Pass
  • 700C x 44 mm Snoqualmie Pass
  • 700C x 48 mm Hatcher Pass
  • 650B x 42 mm Babyshoe Pass
  • 650B x 48 mm Switchback Hill
  • 26″ x 2.3″ Rat Trap Pass

Dual-purpose knobbies:

  • 700C x 38 mm Steilacoom
  • 700C x 44 mm Manastash Ridge
  • 700C x 48 mm Oracle Ridge
  • 700C x 55 mm Fleecer Ridge

If you’ve pre-ordered your anniversary tires, they are being shipped right now. For some models, pre-orders have already taken most of the available production run. For now, all 85th Anniversary tires remain in stock, but once they are gone… As the name implies, these were made in limited numbers, and we won’t make any more.

Even though these tires are a Limited Edition, we don’t intend them as collectors’ models. Like everything we make, these tires are intended to be ridden. That’s why they are priced the same as our standard Endurance tires. You find the 85th Anniversary Limited Editions on the same product pages as the standard versions of each tire model, as one of the available casing selections.

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