Rene Herse Light Mount


Adjust the angle of your headlight beam without tools, yet never have your headlight come loose on the road. The Rene Herse light mount uses the proven Nitto mount, but with our own hardware.

The headlight attaches with a bolt and two locknuts. Adjust the tightness of the bolt so that the headlight can be moved by hand, yet it won’t come loose. We attach the headlight mount on the inside of the rack, so that the weight of the headlight turns the bolt clockwise. That way, vibrations will tighten, not loosen, the mount.

Supplied with all hardware and instructions.

Available for racks with M6 mounting eyelet or 7 mm adjustable struts. Does not include light or rack.

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Small parts often get overlooked, but they can make a big difference in your cycling experience. Adjusting the angle of your headlight beam is useful: In town, you want to angle the headlight low so it doesn’t blind oncoming traffic. Out in the mountains, you need a higher beam. Otherwise, you ride into the dark when you descend at speed and go into a dip in the road.

Yet trying to adjust the headlight by hand usually results in one of two outcomes: Either the mounting bolt is really tight and doesn’t move at all. Or light moves to the desired position, but the bolt turns and loosens in the process, and soon the light rotates on its own.

Of course, your headlight should never come loose. In the real world, even if it’s tight to start with, vibrations tend to loosen many headlight mounts, no matter how much Loctite you use during assembly. And the faster you ride, the greater are the vibrations…

There had to be a better solution! So we developed headlight mounts that finally meet our expectations.

  • Two versions, for racks with M6 eyelet or with 7 mm adjustable strut
  • Weight: 34 g (eyelet); 42 g (adjustable strut)

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