SON Edelux II Headlight, Standing


The Edelux II sets the standard for bicycle headlights. This is the light we use when descending gravel mountain passes at night. A powerful LED provides plenty of light. The layered beam puts that light where you need it: on the road, allowing you to see far into the distance. The sophisticated beam also reduces the glare for oncoming traffic. The standlight keeps your bike illuminated even when stopped at a traffic light.

A strong all-aluminum housing, scratch-resistant sapphire glass and a contact-less magnetic switch increase durability and reliability. Excellent cooling and careful location of the LED in the reflector ensure maximum light under all conditions. In more than 100,000 miles with these lights, we have yet to encounter a problem.

Click here to read more about the Edelux II layered beam and how it illuminates the road more evenly than other lights.

Pro Tip: The standard SON spade plugs are field-serviceable, but they require careful installation so they are secure enough that they don’t come off if the wheel is removed accidentally without unplugging the connectors. The coaxial connectors are more forgiving and have proven 100% reliable.

The standing attachment is compatible with our Rene Herse racks and light mounts as well as other mounts. The Edelux II is also available in a hanging version.

Available with:

  • 60 cm wire; flat spade connectors installed; plugs directly into all SON hubs.
  • 60 cm wire; coaxial connectors installed; coaxial adapter for SON hub included.
  • 140 cm wire; separate flat spade connectors for custom-fitted wire length.
  • Standing attachment
  • Standlight
  • On/Off switch
  • Light sensor
  • Taillight connector
  • 85 g
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Germany