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Berthoud Saddle Replacement Parts


All parts for Gilles Berthoud saddles are available separately. Whether it’s to repair a saddle damaged in a crash or to lighten your saddle with a set of titanium rails: Here are all the parts you need.

Select the part you need from the drop-down menu.

Made in France.

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Gilles Berthoud wasn’t satisfied with other leather saddles. Quality had declined over time as companies tried to get as many saddles as possible from each piece of leather, without regard for irregularities and direction of grain. So, he decided to make his own.

Berthoud saddles start with the best vegetable-tanned cow hides, which are dyed in-house. Each saddle top is then cut in the direction of the leather grain. While this results in fewer saddles from each hide, it ensures that the saddle doesn’t sag. The remnant leather is used to make fender washers and other small parts, limiting waste.

The composite frame is stronger than steel and absorbs shocks better. Berthoud placed the bolts outside the sitting area, sparing your riding clothes from snags and abrasion. Gilles Berthoud saddles (except Galibier model) feature a rear crescent with connection points for Klick-Fix attachments, as well as loops for classic saddle bags.