Tech Info – Components

Is ____ compatible with my bike?

On the product page, scroll down to the ‘Tech Specs’ to find all the relevant information.

What are the differences between your handlebar models?

Read this blog post about how our handlebars feel different on the road.

Which Berthoud saddle do you recommend for me?

It depends mostly on your riding style, with body type a secondary consideration. Spirited riding has you lean forward on the bike, and a narrow saddle works best. With a more upright position on the bike, you sit more on your sitbones, and a slightly wider saddle will be comfortable. Read more…

How much can I tighten the Torx screws that attach Berthoud saddle tops?

Don’t overtighten the screws, as the threaded inserts in the saddle frame can get damaged. Use blue Loctite on the screws. Torque spec:

  • Galibier/Soulor: 1.8 Nm
  • All other models: 2.4 Nm

Which Kaisei tubeset do you recommend for me?

These blog posts describe the ride characteristics of bikes made from the three tubesets we offer:

  • Superlight with ultra-thinwall tubes for the lightest, most flexible frame
  • ‘Mule’ with a stiffer downtube and superlight top tube
  • Oversize for stiffer frames

Beyond the information in these blog posts, we cannot recommend a particular tubeset for you. The final tubing selection for your bike is something to discuss with your builder, who will design your frame based your build, riding style, preference, and intended use of the bike.

Foot retention or flat pedals?

Clipless and flat pedals all work well – each for different riding styles. Check out this entry in the Rene Herse Journal for more information.

Replacing the O-Ring on NANA carbon pumps:

Illustrated instructions for replacing the O-ring are here.

How do I adjust the release tension on my old MKS US-B Nuevo pedals?

Turn the hex nut on to adjust the release tension. (Click on the image for higher resolution.) Rubbing beeswax onto the cleats of your shoes lubricates them and makes it much easier to get into your pedals. (This works for SPD pedals as well.)