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Can I use the Nivex rear derailleur on a standard frame?

The Nivex rear derailleur mounts underneath the chainstay on a special mount. Sorry, it cannot be used with frames that do not have this mount.

Can I convert a 6-8-speed Nivex to the 9-12-speed model?

Yes. The only difference are the narrower derailleur pulleys, which are available separately.

Can I convert a indexed Nivex shift lever to a different model or to friction?

Yes. The only difference is the indexing disc inside the shift lever. However, disassembling the shift lever—with its many small parts—is something only a very experienced mechanic should attempt.

Does the Rene Herse Nivex work on classic bikes set up for mid-century Nivex derailleurs from France?

You can use the Rene Herse Nivex rear derailleur on classic bikes. The derailleur requires a little filing to fit into the mid-century Nivex braze-on.