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Can I use the Nivex rear derailleur on a standard frame?

The Nivex rear derailleur mounts underneath the chainstay on a special mount. Sorry, it cannot be used with frames that do not have this mount.

Are the pulleys the same for all Nivex derailleurs?

The pulleys are the same for the long-cage model. The short-cage derailleur has different lower pulley. The 6- to 8-speed model uses washers to get the correct spacing for the wider chain. Refer to the ‘Pulley Replacement’ section of the instructions (above) for details.

Can I convert a 6-8-speed Nivex to the 9-12-speed model?

In theory, you can. The difference are washers and spacers for the derailleur pulleys, plus longer or shorter screws. These parts are available as spare parts. Refer to the exploded diagrams in the instructions. However, we recommend getting the derailleur you want to use, and not converting from one model to another.

The spare parts are intended for the (unlikely) event that the derailleur suffers damage in a fall or similar accident. They also can be used if the derailleur wears, but that won’t happen for many 10,000s of miles.

Can I convert a indexed Nivex shift lever to a different model or to friction?

The shift lever cannot be converted from index to friction or vice versa because the parts are carefully blueprinted to get the best shifting performance. It’s not simply a matter of bolting the parts together…

Do you offer spare parts for the Nivex shift levers?

Unlike cable-operated brake/shift levers, the Nivex shift lever does not wear out, and it’s unlikely to get damaged, so we don’t foresee a need for spare parts. We will offer them if needed, of course.

Does the Rene Herse Nivex work on classic bikes set up for mid-century Nivex derailleurs from France?

You can use the Rene Herse Nivex rear derailleur on classic bikes. The derailleur requires a little filing to fit into the mid-century Nivex braze-on.