About Bicycle Quarterly's blog

Off The Beaten Path is my blog about the goings-on at Bicycle Quarterly and Compass Bicycles: Rides we do, how we keep our bikes on the road, new products, glimpses of topics in upcoming issues of the magazine, and more.
Bicycle Quarterly is our passion. The magazine existed long before we ever thought about developing and selling bike parts. As we learned more and more about ‘real-world’ bicycles, we found that many of the parts needed to make these bicycles were not available. We founded Compass Bicycles to make these parts. We sell the parts we use, and we develop the components that we need for our own bikes.
The blog is a way to share what we are working on, where we ride, and what is on our minds. We encourage discussion in the ‘Comments’ section. Enjoy!
Jan Heine, Founder, Compass Cycles