Bicycle Quarterly Wool Jerseys

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Bicycle Quarterly Wool Jerseys

When we received our first shipment of Bicycle Quarterly wool jerseys, they sold out within days. They are specially sourced from Italy. The weaving of the fabric, sewing of the jerseys, embroidering of the lettering – all takes a lot of work and time, so supplies can be a little erratic. We just received another shipment.
People around Seattle recognize me by the jerseys I wear. They are simply the most comfortable jerseys I’ve tried. They are scratch-free and comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. Unlike synthetic clothing, they don’t retain body odors, even when you’ve been on the road for days during a long brevet. And they are remarkably durable: I am still using the very first Seattle Randonneurs jersey we ordered from Woolistic 14 years ago!
They are also easy to care for – I wash mine on the “wool” cycle in the washing machine, and then hang them out to dry, if the weather permits, or put them in the dryer on the lowest setting. Over the years, my jerseys have gone through hundreds of washes without shrinking or getting threadbare.
The one thing that will ruin wool jerseys is putting heavy things in the back pockets. Have your bike carry your stuff! It’s more comfortable that way, too.
They are available with long and short sleeves, in sizes from S to XL. Click here for more information.

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