I am afraid my parcel is lost in the mail.

Domestic shipping: If your parcel’s tracking (domestic shipping) has not been updated in 14 days, we consider it lost. Please contact us, so we can ship a replacement. If your parcel was delivered, but stolen from your house/porch/mailbox, please contact your local police department. Rene Herse Cycles is not responsible for items stolen from your property.

International shipping: If you selected shipping via the U.S. Postal Service (First Class or Priority Mail), the last tracking may show it in the USA (usually Los Angeles, Compton or Chicago). The package has left the USA, but many foreign postal services do not update the tracking information. Since the start of the Covid pandemic, some parcels are taking a very long time. Please be patient. More than 99% of international parcels arrive, even if the tracking does not seem to move.

If your international parcel is lost, we can replace it only if you selected FedEx or DHL as your shipping carrier. Please contact us if your parcel was shipped via FedEx or DHL and does not arrive after 14 days from the shipping date.

We cannot take responsibility for international parcels shipped via US Postal Service (First Class or Priority Mail International). That’s why our web site says “NOT always reliable – choose at your own risk” when you select these shipping methods. At least two postal services are involved, and each claims the parcel was lost by the other postal service, and nobody will take responsibility… so there is little hope to get payment for the lost parcel.

Sometimes customs (Douane/Zoll) does not notify the customer when a parcel arrives. Please check your tracking to see whether your shipment is in customs. If the parcel is not cleared, customs will returned it to us. If that happens, we will refund the cost of the order (but not shipping). We apologize for any inconvenience.