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Bicycle Quarterly 67

One focus of the Spring BQ is women in cycling. More women enjoy cycling than ever before, but many still face a problem: Most bikes are designed for average men – and many women have a hard time finding bikes that fit them.

When our editor Natsuko needed a new all-road bike for gravel adventures, C. S. Hirose, the Japanese master builder, created a bike with a 47 cm frame that doesn’t involve compromises in handling, performance or appearance.

Women have always participated as equals in randonneuring. Giving you a taste of the incredible Paris-Brest-Paris, we talk to two randonneuses (and two randonneurs) from three continents. Why do they ride 1200 km (750 miles) almost non-stop? You’ll be inspired by these riders and their passion!

Finding a new route across the Dark Divide of the Cascade Mountains in mid-winter is a tough test for any bike. Is the carbon Salsa Warbird tough enough for this adventure?

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