4-Pack Bicycle Quarterly Past Editions


We’ve assembled these 4-packs of Bicycle Quarterly back editions, so you can read up on a particular topic. Of course, each Bicycle Quarterly includes many other interesting articles as well to give you many hours of reading enjoyment. Below is a list of the editions included with each pack.

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Classic Builders:

  • BQ 24 (Nicola Barra)
  • BQ 28 (Jack Taylor)
  • BQ 30 (Paul Charrel)
  • BQ 44 (André Marcadier)


Japanese Builders

  • BQ 52 (TOEI)
  • BQ 53 (C. S. Hirose)
  • BQ 69 (Cherubim)
  • BQ 75 (Makino)


Japan Cyclotouring:

  • BQ 48 (Cherry Blossoms & Mountain Passes: BQ discovers Japan)
  • BQ 51 (Touring Hokkaido; Nihon Alps 600 km)
  • BQ 57 (Autumn Cyclotouring in Japan)
  • BQ 58 (Peninsula Cyclotouring; Otaki 100 km Mountain Bike Race)


History of Randonneuring

  • BQ 31 (Part 1: Vélocio, the Audax and Paris-Brest-Paris)
  • BQ 33 (Part 2: 1930s — Diagonals and the German Occupation)
  • BQ 35 (Part 3: Post-War Boom, 1950s Decline and the End of Competition)
  • BQ 38 (Part 4: Cyclosportifs, American Randonneurs, and the Future)


Titanium Bike Tests:

  • BQ 58 (Moots Routt and the toughest mountain bike race in Japan)
  • BQ 57 (Litespeed Gravel Bike on the search for the “Lost Pass”)
  • BQ 56 (Firefly titanium Enduro Allroad on the High Road to Mexico City)
  • BQ 51 (Jeff Jones on a Winter bikepacking adventure)


 Tire Performance:

  • BQ 43 (Summary of all BQ research on tire performance)
  • BQ 36 (Do larger wheels roll faster over bumps?)
  • BQ 58 (Performance of ultra-wide tires up to 54 mm)
  • BQ 31 (Wheel Size and Bicycle Handling)


Frame Stiffness and Planing:

  • BQ 24 (Double-blind frame stiffness experiment)
  • BQ 28 (More frame stiffness experiments with power meters)
  • BQ 35 (Measuring frame stiffness and the balance of the frame)
  • BQ 23 (Measuring fork blade flex)

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